Roast Canada Goose

• Soak goose overnight, adding 1/3 C. salt and 3TBS baking soda.

• Dry well and lightly season cavity with salt and pepper. Fill cavity with your favorite stuffing (my 

favorite is a potato/bread mixture with summer savory and sage added to sautéed onions in butter). You

will not find this stuffing recipe at Weight Watchers.

• Brush goose with a mixture of olive oil and butter, then season with salt and ground pepper (I also like 

to lightly add a mixture of garlic and onion powder).

• Cook goose for approximately 90 minutes at 400F, in a very tight roaster 

containing at least 1 in. of water. This will steam roast the bird (the big secret) and it is important to not

remove the cover during this time.

• Remove the cover, baste the bird and then "brown" it for approximately 20-30 minutes.

• The drippings make an excellent gravy.


The above recipe refers to a goose that would dress out at approximately 6-7 pounds. Remember of 

course that a stuffed bird takes longer to cook. 

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