Goose Kabobs

NOTE: Drain goose parts for 90 min to two hours in a colander or some similar device at room 

temp if dealing with a killed and fresh frozen ( not really bled out after the kill ) goose 

Cut up goose in chunks (about 1inch). 

Make marinade: 

1 can Coca-Cola (must be the brand name-no substitutes) 

 Brown sugar 

Empty can of Coke in bowl & mix a fair amount of brown sugar. You want a 

liquid consistency. 

Place chunks of goose in marinade and refrigerate for 3 days. 

When ready to use, prepare kabobs. Place chunks of goose on skewer alternating 

with chunks of onion, garlic, peppers, apple, pineapple (or your favorite choices of 


Cook on grill or broil until done. 

Recipe submitted by: South Shore Lodge Guest

Tags: goose

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